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Sunday Service

English Service | 11:00am

English Sunday School | 09:00am

Kids Program | Saturday

Chinese Sunday School | 09:00am

Chinese Service | 11:00am


595 SW 124 Avenue

Miami, FL 33184

Phone : (305)551-0138

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Please send your offering to the church PO Box or click Online Offering button. Make sure you place your offering number on the MEMO line and place your check in your pink envelope and place that envelope in a regular envelope and mail to

Chinese Baptist Church of Miami

P.O. Box 443386

Miami, FL 33144


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Virtual Sunday School Classes

Sunday school Schedule (Chinese)

Every Sunday 9:30 AM(Chinese) at ZOOM

Mandarin 1 Class: Michael Wang Meeting ID: 769 843 8812

Mandarin 2 Class: Deacon Au/ Zhongsheng Zhang/ Dr Fan Chan Meeting ID:451 225 5450

Mandarin 3 Class: James Fang/ Joseph He

Cantonese 3 (1&2) Class: Deacon Alvin Cheung

Sunday school Schedule (English)

Every Sunday 11:00 AM(English) at ZOOM

Middle Schoolers(6th-8th grade): Don Yu PWD:Jesus

9th-12th grade Class: Steve HoSang/ Pastor Williams

English Adult 1 Class: Christina Ng Meeting ID: 837 7685 2682 PWD: cbcm

English Adult 2 Class Eugene Lau

Kid Worship: Iris Li

Contact Us

Address: 595 SW 124 Avenue

Miami, FL 33184

Phone: (305) 551-0138


Contact Us

Sunday Sevices

English | 09:30am

Sunday School | 11:00am

Kids Program | 09:15am

Chinese Sunday School | 09:45am

Chinese Service | 11:00am