Joshua Young Adult Fellowship

“The Joshua Young Adult Fellowship (JYAF)began in 1987 to serve as a fellowship for English-speaking college students and young adults.  The goals of our fellowship are to grow spiritually, encourage one another towards spiritual maturity, and serve our church family.” Currently we meet on Fridays for prayer meetings and Bible studies at the church. We also meet every third Sunday during fellowship hour.

This year in our Bible study classes we used the “Bible Studies for Life” curriculum as our guide. Ever mindful that many of our members are students and others attend Sunday School regularly, we adapted an interactive format for material presentation. This format was also perfect for another very informative series that Pastor Williams taught on world religions.  Incidentally, do you know what the fastest growing religion in the world is?  This and other questions were answered.  To say that participants learned a lot is an understatement.  Moreover, last Friday night Pastor Williams began a new informative study on The Commands of Christ. It is not too late to join—you do not want to miss it!

In addition to thought-provoking and informative studies, other events JYAF accomplished were: decorating the church for Easter Sunday, visiting the Seafarers ministry at the Port of Miami, assisting in Vacation Bible School, and participating in the Miami Rescue Mission site visit.

Although we have been busy, we look forward to a busier future. Serving the Lord is fun!  In the future we plan on emphasizing group cohesiveness.  This means, within JYAF, reviving activities like JYAF’s Bible verse memorization, and care baskets for college students, just to name a few.  It also means more intra and inter group fellowship activities.  It means starting and nurturing a men’s book club.  It means establishing a consistent connection with our associated campus ministries…

It means: loving the Lord our God with all our heart and with all our soul and with all of our mind (Matt. 22:37), and loving our neighbor as ourselves (Matt. 22:39).

We have a lot going on and a lot planned. If you are an English speaker who is college aged and above will you join us?


Prayer meeting & Regional Bible Study meetings

Prayer Meeting /Fellowship Meeting

Every Friday 7:30 PM(Chinese/English) at church

Broward County Cantonese Bible Study

First Saturday of each month 6 PM (Pembroke Pines location)

SW Cantonese Bible Study

1st and 3rd Tuesday after 1st Sunday of each month, 8 PM (Southwest Miami location)

Century Village Cantonese Bible Study

Last Wednesday of each month 11 AM (Pembroke Pine location)

Thursday Mandarin Bible Study

2nd & 4th Thursdays of each month 10 AM at church

Contact Us

Address: 595 SW 124 Avenue

Miami, FL 33184

Phone: (305) 551-0138


Contact Us

Sunday Sevices

English | 09:30am

Sunday School | 11:00am

Kids Program | 09:15am

Chinese Sunday School | 09:45am

Chinese Service | 11:00am