NCCF was founded in 1994. As the students and scholars from mainland China gradually increased, Pastor Kwong Wah Lau and Deacon Shi-ze Li, along with some brothers and sisters from Hong Kong and Taiwan, started feeling the spiritual burden of spreading gospel to this increasingly growing group. NCCF from then on became a fellowship dedicating to mainly serve the students and scholars from mainland China. Many brothers and sisters from MYAF all joined to participate this ministry. Deacon Shize Li would always open his family, inviting students and scholars to his home in the evening on two Fridays every month. Such regular gathering became a routine for 10 years during which Pastor Lau would come to preach now and then. This gathering became a sweaty pastime for all after a busy and overloaded work and study each week. In total over 100 brothers and sisters derived their new lives here by being baptized as Jesus’ followers.

NCCF features high degree of flux in and out due to the nature of members that mostly are students and scholars from mainland to study or work in University of Miami (UM) and Florida International University (FIU). They would migrate to other cities or even other countries after completion of their study or work here in Miami. For this reason, the countrymen who have interfaced with NCCF sizes in total more than 1,000 persons. Nowadays, they are scattered in all over the world. Up to date, every week when we send out fellowship activity notice, we are sending to around over 700 recipients living in different parts of the world. Sometimes they would write back to express their feeling of deep spiritual bond and nostalgia with NCCF even though after many years’ absence. Despite they are not able to rejoin the fellowship, their hearts are connected with the fellowship. As long as they have chance to visit Miami, they would always visit this place where they submitted their life to our Lord.

In NCCF there are many young adult students, especially from 2009, many undergraduate students from China have chosen to study in the U.S. The majority of them have never had the experience of leaving their parents to a completely alien country hence many of them need transition help both in daily life and their sentiment toward the new environment for adaption and adjustment. Errands such as airport pickup, opening bank account, looking for living places, moving furniture, to as trivial as daily shopping, are both substantial obstacle and help to them for settling down. While reaching out, personal intimate relationship was established. They were brought to the fellowship and church and ultimately to our Lord Jesus. Catering to the characteristics of this young group of students, NCCF would organize some outdoor activities each year. In early years when our church had not annual retreat, NCCF would take advantage of a long weekend to host its own retreat in a hotel near beach, to worship God and share fellowship life and enjoy beautiful beach time. Besides, NCCF also had hosted camping, outdoor movie and so on activities to attract energetic students. NCCF became a cozy home for overseas Chinese in Miami. Every year members would flow in and out from and to different places, while NCCF still remains young and attractive.

Several families in NCCF that have settled down in Miami become the pillar of this fellowship. They serve with united hearts with the love originated from the Lord, supporting and encouraging one another, and growing together in Jesus’ grace. Everybody spares no efforts in spreading gospel. They study the Bible, discuss the significance of belief, and essence & mission of our life together. In near two decades, we have sung, prayed and shared the bittersweet of life together, and even have had argument, and tears. As time passes along, the past generation becomes uncles and aunts to the new generation, meanwhile, God’s love and grace sediments and accumulates on each of us, becoming more deep and authentic as time goes by. We had been well received while we were guests in this foreign soil, and we had been blessed. Now we throw arms also to well welcome our countrymen to this place, passing on the grace, and adding new companions to the road toward the heaven, just as Psalm 84 says, “As they pass through the Valley of Baca, they make it a place of springs; the autumn rains also cover it with pools.”


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