Timothy Young Adult Fellowship




TYAF 提摩太成青團


The Timothy Young Ault Fellowship (TYAF) is a Cantonese speaking training group of the Chinese Baptist Church of Miami. The Fellowship was organized in February, 1979 with the following objectives:
·To function as part of the Church
·To help members in spiritual growth and in leadership development
·To train members in practicing discipleship and in witnessing Christ, Our Lord.
TYAF holds Fellowship Meetings at 7:30 p.m. on every Fridays at the church. TYAF also holds Training Meeting after
lunch at church on the third Sunday of each month.
提摩太成青團(提摩太團契)在一九七九年二月成立,是美亞美華人浸信教會以广东話爲主的團契之一。其成立有三個目標:第一: 作教會其
中一個功能體. 第二:幫助會員在聖靈上增長和領導栽培. 第三: 訓練會員操練門徒命和為我們的主耶穌作見証。
提摩太團契在每個礼拜五下午七點半在教會里聚會。 而在第三個礼拜日,午餐後我們會在教會里进行訓練聚會。