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FellowshipMeeting Time
Caleb Senior Adult Fellowship (Cantonese / English Senior and Retiree) Bi-monthly: odd numbered months, first Monday 11am
Brotherhood Fellowship (Cantonese/Mandarin Men 45 and up) Bi-monthly: odd numbered months, second Sunday with WMU 6pm
Woman’s Missionary Union-WMU (Esther Cantonese/Mandarin Women 45 and up) Bi-monthly: odd numbered months, second Sunday with BHD 6pm, Bi-monthly: even months, last Sunday 1pm
Mark Young Adult Fellowship (Mandarin) Weekly: Friday 7:30PM
Noah Chinese Christian Fellowship (Mandarin) Weekly: Friday 7:30PM
Timothy Young Adult Fellowship(Cantonese) Weekly: Friday 7:30PM
Chinese Baptist Youth Fellowship (English 6th - 12th grades) Weekly: Friday 7:30PM
Joshua Young Adult Fellowship (English Fellowship) Weekly: Friday 7:30PM
Jr. Chinese Baptist Youth Fellowship (English 2nd - 5th grades) Monthly: Third Sunday after lunch 1pm
Sunbeam - English Children Fellowship (3 years old-1st grade) Monthly: Third Sunday after lunch 1pm

Monthly Fellowship Training Meeting: Third Sunday after lunch 1pm


Virtual Sunday School Classes

Sunday school Schedule (English/Chinese)

Every Sunday 9:00 AM at ZOOM

Mandarin 1 Class: Michael Wang Meeting ID: 769 843 8812

Mandarin 2 Class: Deacon Au/ Zhongsheng Zhang/ Dr Fan Chan Meeting ID:451 225 5450

Mandarin 3 Class: James Fang/ Joseph He

Cantonese 3 (1&2) Class: Deacon Alvin Cheung

Middle Schoolers(6th-8th grade): Don Yu PWD:Jesus

9th-12th grade Class: Steve HoSang/ Pastor Williams

English Adult 1 Class: Christina Ng Meeting ID: 837 7685 2682 PWD: cbcm

English Adult 2 Class Eugene Lau

Kid Worship: Iris Li

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Sunday School | 09:00am

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